Don Giovanni: Sink Your Fangs Into Opera


Lovers appear in all shades of good and evil. Passion fuels fear, control, and unpredictable fates when Undercroft reinvents Mozart’s haunting opera. Drawing parallels between Bram Stoker’s timeless Dracula and its iconic characters, Don Giovanni is transformed through this imaginative and spine-tingling retelling.

Who will succumb to Don’s seduction and who will live…perhaps eternally? Only our superb librettist team can tell–if they haven’t already fallen victims to their own spell!

 Come and find out!

Performances are at the Antonian Theater at Carlow College:

  • Thursday May 26, 8pm
  • Friday May 27, 8pm
  • Saturday May 28, 8pm
  • Sunday May 29, 2pm

Tickets are $25 general, $35 orchestra, discounts for students, children and seniors available.


Music:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto Team:  Bonnie Bogovich, Michael Greenstein, Elizabeth Rishel, Gwendolyn Schmidt, Mary Beth Sederburg
Original Libretto:  Lorenzo da Ponte

27217547991_2ed947f0c6_mConductor:  Thomas Douglas

Stage Director:  Sarah Young
Production and Stage Manager:  Michelle Engleman
Rehearsal Accompanist/Vocal Coach/Harpsichord:  Anna Kovalevska
Vocal Coach:  Hyery Hwang
Assistant Conductor:  Brian Gilling
Assistant Director:  Robert Hockenberry
Pubicity Team:  Yvonne Hudson, Lynette Asson of New Place Collaborations
Covers Cast Stage Director:  Judy Kirby
Covers Cast Accompanist:  Aida Olarte


Chorus Master:  George Milosh
Video Designer:  Antonio Colaruotolo
Costume Designer:  Cindy Albert
Lighting Designer:  Garth Schafer
Scenic Designer:  Neil Sederburg
Surtitles Engineer:  Sean G. Donaldson
Producer:  Mary Beth Sederburg


26680444304_f638772481_mPurple Cast

Appearing May 26, 27 at 8 p.m.
  • Ngofeen Mputubwele (Don Giovanni)
  • Zachary Wood (Leporello)
  • Aaron Kaswen (Don Ottavio)
  • Gail Novak Mosites (Donna Anna)
  • Rebecca Rumfelt (Donna Elvira)
  • Emily Naydek (Zerlina)
  • Wesley Caulkins (Masetto)
  • Robert Herold (The Commendatore)

26680455234_603c5c0d6f_mRed Cast

Appearing May 28 at 8 p.m., May 29 at 2 p.m.
  • Jesse Enderle (Don Giovanni)
  • Angky Budiardjono  (Leporello)
  • William Andrews (Don Ottavio)
  • Kathryn Donaldson (Donna Anna)
  • Charlene Canty (Donna Elvira)
  • Elizabeth Rishel (Zerlina)
  • Wesley Caulkins (Masetto)
  • Sean G. Donaldson (The Commendatore)

27217552881_ff854f784f_mCovers Cast

Appearing May 28 at 1 p.m., Antonian Theater
  • Don Giovanni:  Jordan Speranzo
  • Leporello:  Namy Farah
  • Donna Anna:  Katie Manukyan
  • The Commendatore:  Robert Herold
  • Don Ottavio:  Marco Fiorante
  • Donna Elvira:  Emily Swora
  • Zerlina:  Sarah Perconte, Bonnie Bogovich
  • Masetto:  Samwise Riley