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Please note that we do have  tax-exempt status (501C3), so all contributions are tax deductible.

Contributions to our non-profit organization are very important. Putting on a show costs a lot of money, and most of that cost has to be paid long before the ticket sales generate revenue.


How your contributions help put on the show:

  • Securing the venue happens well in advance, even before the announcement of the show. This requires a substantial deposit.
  • Renting costumes happens before the show begins, and also requires deposits if not payment in full weeks before the show opens.
  • Securing any performance rights have to be done in advance. What you may not realize is that while many of our operas are old enough to be beyond copyright, if we perform them in English (which we do for the benefit of our audiences), we have to still secure the rights to the English text! And this is done in advance of the show.
  • Props, lighting equipment, construction for the set, stage design, etc all has to be acquired, built, and set up before the show!
  • Paying our accompanists, conductors, stage directors, stage managers, etc. While our cast are all volunteer, we do need to pay the people running the show so that they can afford to do so! We wouldn’t be an award-winning company if we did not employ professionals to direct the artists, and as this is their trade, we would not be able to retain the great people we have with their extensive experience if we did not pay them!

Those are just a few of the items we need to account for in our budget long before the tickets sales come in.  Please do consider making a tax-deductible donation, to help keep us strong!