Undercroft has its own orchestra. This is a community orchestra, featuring 100% local artists. The orchestra performs great orchestral works in their own performances, in addition to playing for the Operas performed by the Undercroft Opera.


If you would like to audition for the Undercroft Orchestra,  please prepare approximately 5 minutes of music. It is recommended that you offer several contrasting excerpts from standard solo or orchestral literature that demonstrate your skill and musicianship. For example, a fast and technically demanding excerpt may be paired with a slow and lyrical selection; you may choose excerpts that demonstrate your abilities in certain ranges of the instrument or that demonstrate your understanding of the stylistic differences between music of different composers.


Those desiring to audition on doubling instruments (flute & piccolo, oboe & English horn, etc.) should be prepared with appropriate instruments and excerpts. An accompanist will be available if needed.


Please fill out our orchestra audition request form if you would like to join us.

We hope you do!